Video Transcript - Whisker Woods Animal Sanctuary Donation

Shannon (Owner of Whisker Woods Sanctuary, New South Wales, Australia): The first two kangaroos we've got in the pre-release enclosure is Alan and Kevi. Alan was found a little bit under two kilos in a paddock, there was no mother around. Wildlife carers waited around pretty much all day hoping the mother would come back, they usually do, they will come back to find their joeys but unfortunately this time she didn't.


Our other newest resident is Kevi. She was about one kilo when she came into care. Her Mum was unfortunately hit by a car, luckily Kevi wasn't injured enough in the car accident and was able to be saved. And same thing as Alan, she'll be in this enclosure until she is about 15 kilos and then she'll be released.

At this age in the pre-release enclosure they're still babies and they still do need my care but I'm also trying to get them to be wild and be kangaroos. They follow me around constantly. We've got 40 kilo kangaroos that still come back for cuddles. They're really affectionate, really friendly. They never forget who you are. We've had kangaroos that we've released before that have come back two years later with half of their nose missing and I know they've only come back because they need care and they know where to come. This is another reason why the pre-release enclosure is so important because every kangaroo we release from now on will know that it's a safe place they can always come back to no matter how long they've been released for.

Previously we haven't been able to release at Whisker Woods because we use to use a neighbour's pre-release enclosure but now thanks to 1MVEGANS and their donations we now have our own which is amazing because I can be a lot closer to the joeys. We couldn't release them unless we had a pre-release enclosure so it's such an important part of raising an orphan and releasing it back into the wild.

Caption: Whisker Woods Sanctuary and Vegan Apparel would like to thank 1MVEGANS numbers 1-600 for their donations towards this kangaroo enclosure.