Pictured: Animal Activist James Aspey, owner of the number 1 t-shirt.

"We wanted to come up with a campaign that not only helps animals and promotes veganism, but also supports ethical and sustainable clothing."
The 1MVEGANS Campaign

Co-Founders and passionate vegans, Tina Costessi and Adrian Muscat, came up with the 1MVEGANS Campaign in 2014. The Campaign was created to firstly promote veganism in a positive way through a unique t-shirt design. Secondly, to use profits of the t-shirt sales in order to raise money to help support the hard work and dedication of animal sanctuaries around the world. Thirdly, to support ethical and sustainable clothing.

The goal for the Campaign is to reach one million vegans in order to donate over five million dollars for animal sanctuaries in need worldwide. This is how the one million counter idea originated - each 1MVEGANS t-shirt (or other product) is hand-painted with a unique number ranging from one to one million. This number belongs only to the vegan who owns the t-shirt and is counted in the 1MVEGANS counter below. 

Pictured: Co-Founder of 1MVEGANS, Tina Costessi, painting unique numbers on t-shirts at the Campaign launch - 2014 Living Green Festival, Canberra Australia.


1MVEGANS Counter

The number of people who have joined the 1MVEGANS Campaign are counted below until we reach one million. Please note this is not a live counter and is updated periodically. Existing 1MVEGANS can also purchase their unique number on other garments. Every garment, including additional garments, will each raise $5 for animal sanctuaries.

Current total of 1MVEGANS*:

*1MVEGANS counter last updated: Sunday, 3 December 2017.

Money Raised for Animal Sanctuaries

The money raised for animal sanctuaries is made up of $5 from every garment sold from the 1MVEGANS Campaign. This includes $5 from each of the unique garments listed on the counter above, as well as any additional garments purchased from existing 1MVEGANS. Once the 1MVEGANS counter reaches one million, this will result in over $5 million raised for animal sanctuaries.

Current total of money raised for animal sanctuaries*:


*Donation counter last updated: Sunday, 3 December 2017.

Donations Made

Donations to animal sanctuaries will be made throughout the course of the 1MVEGANS Campaign when sufficient money has been raised (depending on the needs of the sanctuary). The below list of sanctuaries will grow as the campaign continues to raise more money.